Having a KPI-Driven Content Strategy is Essential as well – The Digital Marketing Dissection Ep 05

In the previous episode, I discussed the importance of planning Ad budgets (and campaigns) in a strategic way. Today, I’m here to tell you the same regarding “organic” content – wether its the posts you publish to your social media feeds, the articles on your blog, or the stories on your Instagram profile.

Since posting organically is “free” (with the exception of the cost of labour needed when creating the content), many small businesses forget to plan their content in a long-term, KPI-driven and measurable way.

Listen to my most recent Episode of The Digital Marketing Dissection to find out my thoughts on this:

Coming up next: I’ll share some simple tracking systems that you can use to keep an overview of your organic & paid efforts. After that, my next few videos will delve into some new innovations and trends in the Digital Marketing world of 2019 – stay tuned!

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