Strategic Ad Planning is Essential – The Digital Marketing Dissection Ep 04

You spend good money on your paid advertising campaigns. So obviously, you’d want to make sure that each cent you spend is allocated in a strategic way, following a clearly defined goal and having clearly measurable KPIs.

It may seem simple and straightforward. But especially in this day and age, where launching an ad campaign can be done impulsively, without any gate keepers, simply by utilizing a self-service ad platform, the opposite is often the case: Ad campaigns are being launched left and right, with no overarching strategy.

This can be a critical mistake. Businesses are left without clearly defined metrics, and thus are navigating without a clear answer to a crucial question in business: “How much return on investment are we getting for our marketing efforts?”

This Episode of the Digital Marketing Dissection contains my perspective on this topic, and some simple solutions for the problems. Have a look to learn more!

This was the fourth Episode of the Digital Marketing Dissection – more content coming real soon!

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