I love marketing. I love innovations. And I love creating new customer experiences that break the norm of what users are expecting.

These passions have guided me throughout my career. And they led me to some interesting places.

I started deep inside Austria’s startup scene: as one of the first employees of Hackabu – Austria’s first Growth Hacking Agency – I worked on market launches of brands such as weXelerate and HEROcoin.

Afterwards, I took over marketing for MidnightDeal – turning it into Austria’s hottest travel startup at the time, growing it from 0 to a 7-figure revenue in 1.5 years.

Today, I offer marketing education & consulting for companies of all sizes. I’m happy to share ideas with you during a half-day workshop, or during a weekend retreat.

Or I could become a fractional CMO, or an advisor to your team, to kickstart a marketing revolution!

Operationally, I’ve run paid media on all major networks, set up analytics with state of the art tools, and I’ve managed teams with tools like Monday, Asana and many more.

I’ve also successfully launched media & festival brands on TikTok, with my boutique TikTok Company, SOY.IM.

Sounds interesting? Drop me a line and let’s have a coffee and/or beer.

Who am i?

What happened so far?


I used to have a full-blown CV up here, but let’s keep it quick and easy:
  • In case you want to see my work experience in chronological order,  please check out my LinkedIn-profile
  • If you want to see projects and case studies, take a lot at my portfolio, right here on this site

This is how I'll help you:

I’m excited to support you in reaching new heights with your company or project by utilizing cutting-edge Digital Marketing Strategies. Here’s a few ways how we can collaborate:



wHAT do i dO?

What DO I Focus on?


Digital Marketing Strategy is a topic we could speak about for days and week, no doubt.

But, following the philosophy of the T-Shaped Marketer, I also have certain areas of deep expertise.


Marketing Automation & AI

How can we use simple tools to make our daily processes easier? How can Zapier, Integromat and Chatbots be used – not for the sake of it, but for generating an actual ROI? Those are the questions I enjoy dealing with every day.

Digital Innovations

TikTok, Messenger Bots, Voice Marketing, Face Filter Marketing, AR/VR Marketing… trends come and go. Trying to keep up with them can be exhausting for any marketing department, but I have a keen focus on identifying trends that can actually lead to sustainable growth.

Digital Marketing
for Tourism

Tourism & Hospitality isn’t like any other E-Commerce. You are dealing with significant budgets, skeptical customers and you only have one choice to get it right.

Thanks to my years in the event business, as well as my role in building up Midnightdeal, I know exactly what to focus on when building out a successful user experience that makes people want to book over and over again!


I love talking about Digital Marketing!
🇺🇸In English, I post regular content about Digital Marketing on my LinkedIn Profile.

I also run FailSmarter: a project where I collect the most educational marketing fails from marketeers all across the world.

🇦🇹 In German, I run my podcast Gründungsschmerzen with Philipp Lederle: a bi-weekly Podcast with critical takes on the local Startup scene.


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