How to “Properly Fail” in Online Marketing: Risk & Knowledge Management – The Digital Marketing Dissection Ep 03

Failure can be awesome. Of course, nobody would want to be constantly unsuccessful in their efforts. But in the right dosage, failure can lead to some super valuable insights for your business and help you in shaping your future marketing strategy.

Following this philosophy, I recently held a short lecture at Otago Online Consulting (an evening I got to co-host together with my friend and ESN Vienna predecessor, Paul Kratzwald) about my biggest Growth Hacking fails of 2018. Find the slides here – currently only available in German, but let me know if you are interested in getting them in English.

My newest Episode of the Digital Marketing Dissection deals with the same topic: why it can be valuable to fail and what has to be done so you can “fail correctly”. Watch the video below to learn more!

That’s Episode number three of the Digital Marketing Dissection – and there is much more to come. Stay tuned and feel free to get in touch with any ideas you might have!

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