2017: The Year of Ramping Up My Online Presence

I believe many people working in the online marketing/web development sector know this issue: you spend hours and hours every week building and maintaining other people’s online presence… But you end up totally neglecting your own. It is a shame, considering that people like us do have the skills and knowledge to build a strong and professional online presence. But setting aside time for it is something that is easily forgotten – and regularly writing Blog posts appears to be even more of a struggle.

But it’s a new year, full of fresh ambitions and dreams – and one of those is finally getting my website – seidl.soy – up to speed. And while I’m at it, why not try to become a semi-regular blogger? Do I have the ressources to create engaging content and regularly publish it? We shall see. But considering that I have oppionions that I want the world to be able to find, I want to give it a shot.

So let’s strive to make 2017 a year of creating great web experiences – not just for clients and friends, but also for ourselves!


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