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I do Digital Marketing. And talk about it.

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About Me

Leander C. Seidl

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I love marketing. I love innovations. And I love creating new customer experiences that break the norm of what users are expecting.

These passions have guided me throughout my career. And they led me to some interesting places.

As one of the first employees of Hackabu – Austria’s first Growth Hacking Agency – I worked on the market launches of weXelerate and HEROcoin.

Simultaneously, I’ve been working in F&B Marketing for some of Austrias most successful Festivals (Frequency, Nova Rock).

Today, I run marketing for MidnightDeal – Austria’s hottest travel startup.

At the same time, I want to share my experiences with more and more people – by holding Growth Hacking workshops, by hosting my web series, “The Digital Marketing Dissection” and by consulting exciting startups.

Sounds interesting? Drop me a line and let’s have a coffee and/or beer.




Head of Growth

    Revolutionizing the Eurpean Travel Industry at MidnightDeal

    Growth Strategist

    • Account Manager
    • Project Lead

    I was employee number 3 at Hackabu, Austria's first Growth Hacking Agency. It was quite the ride: in my year at the company, we scaled up from 3 employees to 30. In the meantime, I managed accounts such as the market launch of weXelerate, CEE's primary startup hub, and HEROcoin, Austria's first and most successful ICO's.   At Hackabu, we developed a full-stack Growth Hacking approach - including aspects of the customer journey (the pirate funnel (AAARRR)), the ICE Score, Persona building, Failure backlogs, and all other essential tools of Growth Strategy.

    Web designer, Photographer, Project Manager

      Exchange Student

        As an exchange student in the Finnish capital Helsinki, I had the honor and opportunity of attending Arcada UAS, one of the state of the art universities in the nordic region. Being able to learn things from a different perspective and getting to work in multicultural teams are experiences that I benefitted from greatly!


          Since July 2016, I am proud to call myself a Bachelor of Arts in Business. In my Bachelor's program at UAS BFI Vienna, I had the opportunity to grow in many ways: I got to learn about marketing strategies, the European media market and the future of the digital media industry. Additionally, I was able to proceed with my freelance projects in the meantime, giving me valuable work experience along with my degree!  

          Founder & CEO

          • Led a team of up to 10 photographers
          • Organised monthly concerts and clubbings
          • Coordinated video productions for aftermovies and trailers


          High School Degree

            My high school education has been hugely beneficial for me: attending a German/English bilingual program, getting leadership experience as student body presidents and being able to participate in various extracurricular projects.


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