The Digital Marketing Dissection
The Digital Marketing Dissection


The Digital Marketing Dissection

The Digital Marketing Dissection. My newest passion: an interactive video Series on LinkedIn, in which I cover all sorts of Digital Marketing topics. I want to provide bite-sized lessons and commentary on the topics that I’m most passionate about. This is a rough overview of the topics that I want to tackle in this series:

  • Audience Segmentation & Persona Building
  • Content Marketing with a Purpose – Impact-driven strategies
  • Looking at the full customer journey: the AAARRR-funnel
  • Performance Marketing in 2019, using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Programmatic Advertising
  • The value of failure in Online Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2019
  • VR / AR trends in Marketing Campaigns

And much more – depending on how the industry develops.

I’m deliberately choosing LinkedIn as my video platform of choice, as I believe it is perfect to reach the people who need to see these videos. However, I will also mirror them here – you can find them all, chronologically sorted right here!

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    Jan . 14 . 2019

  • ESN Corporate Identity Team
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