Marketing Innovations – Dissected

Digital Marketing Dissection

Marketing Innovations – Dissected

New Technologies, Strategies, Platforms and Trends: 2019 has had its share of interesting new developments in the Marketing & Tech space.

In September and October, join me as I dissect some of these new developments and present my case studies.

I’ll be focusing on three distinct trends:


The rising star among Social Media Networks. Recently having launched its own ad platform, let’s take a deep look at the current capabilities, risks and potential of this new, ambitious player from China.

Face Filter Marketing

Face filters have been part of the battle between Snapchat & Instagram for many years. But ever since Instagram opened its gateway to creatives all around the world in August, a new marketing opportunity has arisen.

Let’s look at the potential of Face Filters for boosting your brand’s profile.

Messenger Marketing

We all remember the Chatbot hype in 2016 and 2017. But, as any hype, the growth slowed down, amidst limted technological possibilities, as well as the multitude of competing platforms. But especially Facebook’s Messenger platform is a huge opportunity for Messenger marketing in 2019.

We will look at the status quo and upcoming trends for the next few months.